Why you should carry a credit card when traveling to Kenya

Using your credit card when traveling is arguably the most convenient way  mainly because you can track your purchases and plastic money is easy to carry. Nonetheless, some simple basics must be observed that will ensure you use your card smoothly.

For starters, you must notify your card issuer of your planned route to guarantee that your card does not get suspended  due to suspected fraud during your travel period. Moreover, make sure that all the contact numbers of your cards are at your disposal in case things go haywire.

Visa and Passport Information

Before purchasing a ticket to Kenya, ensure that everything you require is in place. For instance, you will need to have a visa depending on your country of origin. That’s what the people at brunetteatsunset.com found. If you do not have one, apply for one immediately before reaching the decision to travel. To apply for a visa, visit the nearest consulate or embassy. You must also remember to apply for a visa for the duration you wish to travel.

Nevertheless, having a Kenyan visa is not mandatory for all countries or nationals. The government of Kenya will require European or American citizens to have a visa before entering Kenya.

Furthermore, before traveling, ensure your passport is current and valid and will not expire before the end of your period of travel (usually takes about six months). Upon application for one, it might take up to six months, Therefore, adequately plan for your passport needs before traveling.

Tips for traveling with credit cards

Unlike debit cards, credit cards offer the most security while traveling since they are independent of your savings or checking accounts. It means it becomes difficult for fraudsters to access your other accounts. Besides, cardholders will not be held accountable for fraudulent charges. However, when money has not yet been deducted from the checking account, it becomes easier to track a fraud.

Even though the probability of fraudsters to access your account cannot be totally ignored, most individuals still view the use of credit cards as the safest method of payment while in Kenya.

The following are some tips you should adhere to that will make your traveling experience smooth, cheaper, enjoyable and with ease.

  1. When your credit card is automatically deactivated, this can be a real frustration to your vacation. Therefore, before going on a trip to Kenya, make sure that you notify your credit card company that you will be away for sometimes. Credit card companies can deactivate a credit card when used more than 6 times in a day. Their aim is to prevent individuals with stolen cards from further using your credit card.


  1. Always be on the lookout for conversion fees imposed by the various banks. Some banks may charge a conversion fee when you want to change foreign currencies while others do not. Thus, if you have multiple cards, check with your issuer to see which card offers a deal that suits your needs when it comes to foreign currency conversion. Nevertheless, the good news is that most ATM machines will offer the best exchange rates at affordable fees. That’s why I stayed here where one is close by.


  1. It is important that you travel with individual credit cards with separate identities when traveling with someone, for example, a wife or husband. The main reason for this is that a credit card may get lost and since most families are issued with one credit card account number if an individual’s credit card gets lost(a husband for example), the wife’s credit card gets canceled too. However, if each traveler has his or her own separate credit card, if one gets lost, the other can be useful before replacing the lost one.


  1. Always check your charge records that will estimate how much you can spend and use that information to plan for your next trip.


Benefits of a credit card:

  • Credit card providers may offer exchange rates similar to the actual spot rate, this applying to banks that do have conversion charges.
  • You can use funds up to the maximum credit limit making it convenient for emergencies, car hire, and hotel services.
  • For premium cards holders, you can book for hotels and issue request while away on
  • For credit card pre-authorizations payments, the card balance simply takes a day or week, compared to debit cards or travel money cards where the payment can be held on the card balance for up to a month.


Potential cons of a credit card:

  • Withdrawing from an ATM machine abroad can make you incur cash advance fees, with interest rates that begin to accumulate as soon as you start withdrawing. This becomes costly when coupled with ATM fees and conversion fees.
  • Since money is at your disposal up to the maximum limit, the temptation of overspending becomes a problem, where your spending surpasses you budgets even at high interest rates.
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